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What To Expect From Starbucks NFTs

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A reminder that in this market, it might not be about making money (for now).
And if it’s not about the money, what is it about? Community? Learning? Building?
There is no right answer, but try to sit with this question today and see what pops for you.
Starbucks Web3 Rewards
What Starbucks' New NFT's Really Mean For Rewards Members
Starbucks has revealed some of the details surrounding its attempt to break into Web3. As many predicted, it will be an update to their Starbucks Rewards app that gives you the ability to earn ‘digital collectibles’ from the coffee behemoth.
What’s exciting is not the idea of the Starbucks NFTs themselves, but instead the number of people they could *potentially* onboard.
With millions of active users on their app and even more that are brand loyal to Starbucks, their Web3 app update could be another “Top Shot moment” for NFTs (in that it could potentially pique the interest of millions).
Of course, when I expect one thing, the opposite usually happens, so certainly temper your expectations. Nonetheless, I think it’s something we should keep our eyes on. The update is expected to be out by the end of 2022.
More on CC0
IP Rights: CC0 VS. Commercial Licenses • dGEN Network
Ever since Proof decided to give Moonbirds CC0 rights, everyone has been asking…what’s CC0?
Luckily, 0xRoebs is on the case and did the research so we don’t have to.
And while everyone has *strong* opinions on which is best, 0xRoebs shows it’s a lot less cut and dry. Certain cases (like if you are an NFT brand) make more sense to turn over your rights to the public domain than others.
Did Proof make the right decision? Maybe. Who’s to say when we’re in such uncharted territory?
Million Dollar Mutant Sale?
A Mega Deal Went Down At The Bored Ape Yacht Club Tuesday Night Involving The Trippy Mega Mutant
In this economy, any sale is news, but a sale this big? You get a whole write-up in the newsletter for sure.
Yesterday, it was revealed that a 1/1 Mutant Ape (Trippy Mutant) moved hands in a private deal. For that reason, we don’t know the exact details or purchase price. Speculation on Twitter has put it in the 2300 ETH range…making it well over a million dollar sale.
Lior.eth is the new owner acquiring it from 0xb1.
This caps off a big day for the Bored Apes as it was also announced that MagicEden would be building a Bored Ape exclusive marketplace (powered by ApeCoin).
As usual, things are looking up for the Apes and not much else. It’s a Bored world and we’re all just living in it.
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