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Did you miss me? (Please don’t answer that).
Either way, I’m back for another Friday where I *try* to catch you up with the biggest NFT news of the week.
Cut me some slack though, as even I was *almost* too busy this week catching up on world news and setting my fantasy football leagues up in final prepartion.
Football Szn
DraftKings Reignmakers: Interview with Matt Kalish
DraftKings Reignmakers: Interview with Matt Kalish
As I write this, the NFL season is about to kick-off. If you are reading this, the outcome has been decided. I won’t make any predictions, but I can only assume that both teams played hard out there and gave it their all.
But even though the season is now underway, it’s not too late to get involved with Reignmakers from DraftKings. It combines our favorite things: NFTs and fantasy football.
This week on The Mint Condition, they had DraftKings co-founder Matt Kalish on the pod to discuss the game, the future of fantasy, and NFTs. They pod'ed hard out there and gave it their all too.
y00t This, y00t that
Top NFT Buys SEPT 2022 and The y00ts Mint
Top NFT Buys SEPT 2022 and The y00ts Mint
You’d have to be living under a rock to *not* have heard about y00ts at this point. In fact, that also means you aren’t reading our newsletter either (rude).
The moment of truth was this week though, and after a delay over the weekend due to a security glitch, y00ts minted out. it was not without controversy though.
On The NFT Night Shift, they got into the mint, the flippers (looking at you Franklin), what it means for the future of the Solana ecosystem, and NFT marketing moving forward.
First Class of the NFT Hall of Fame
NFT Hall of Fame: First 10 Inductees • dGEN Network
Who would you put in the NFT Hall of Fame? Also, where would that NFT Hall of Fame be located? I guess in the metaverse somewhere…
Chamber took a crack at making a list of the most famous projects to date. And as with any “Hall of Fame” argument throughout time, there is a lot of debate on who was left off the list.
I’m biased but how could Cool Cats not be here?
Take a look at the list and let us know who should be ‘out’ and who should be ‘in’ for you.
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