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The Great Ethereum Merge

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Happy Friday!
We’re onto the weekend but I have to send you into it with some *knowledge* so we all can say we accomplished something this week.
ETH Merge & Your NFTs
The Great Ethereum Merge • dGEN Network
We will be forced to learn about the merge whether we like it or not. Luckily, Bunchu has us covered.
Here’s the TLDR from me…Ethereum is moving from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) in September. To do this, they’ll be (you guessed it) merging everything on the existing chain (ETH) onto the “new” one (ETH2.0)
So here’s the big question: what happens to our NFTs here?
Don’t worry *too* much…they’re merged as well. But apparently, there may be some complications to look out for…
For that reason, Yuga and many other NFT projects are getting ahead of the confusion by telling people they plan on recognizing PoW ETH only…and not any “derivative” knock-offs that might be floating around out there post-merge.
Read more of Bunchu’s piece to make sure you have your bases covered by next month so that you don’t fumble your favorite NFTs.
Yuga Labs
The Ethereum network is gearing up for the merge mid September. In line with the broader Ethereum community, in the event of a viable PoW fork, Yuga intends to only recognize NFTs on the PoS ETH chain as subject to the relevant NFT license and eligible for Yuga-offered utility
WTF is a ZK-Rollup?
Rollups Made Easy • dGEN Network
Bunchu keeps teaching, so we’ll *try* to keep learning this Friday.
Polygon made an announcement about their zkEVM rollups last month and many (myself *not* included) said it was a potential game-changer for NFTs.
That’s because, for most, rollups are a confusing concept (and a delicious fruit snack).
But while implementing ZK-rollups from the technical side is complicated, the idea itself is *slightly* simpler.
As the piece dives into…by grouping transactions together on an L2, we can save on (already) cheap gas prices. The problem, of course, then becomes the issue of speed, which Polygon and other L2s are optimistic they’ll be able to fix with their innovations.
Once the rollups are *optimized*, then L2s can become amazing solutions for NFT buyers and creators looking to save on costs.
Is anyone else hungry now? Wanna go for a snack?
Need More Education?
The Mint Condition: Moonbirds Last Stand + PFP Draft
The Mint Condition: Moonbirds Last Stand + PFP Draft
If you want even more Bunchu and education this Friday…stop by The Mint Condition podcast.
They’ll be talking Moonbirds and you can expect to get even more of that sweet, sweet *knowledge* in a more casual setting.
It’s always good to kick back with the fellas on a casual Friday hangout sess.
See you next week!
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