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Pudgy Penguins Are BACK

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New week, new me.
Or is it? I found myself getting this feeling over the weekend…a feeling that we’ve been here before…
And for that reason, I’m taking a walk down memory lane today. Call this “Memory Lane Monday”.
The (Re) Flippening
The BendDAO and The Falling Sky Story • dGEN Network
There was a lot going on this weekend in Ape Land (aka the Bored Ape Yacht Club), but most of the talk went to the falling BAYC and MAYC price floor.
Why was this happening? Look no further than SugaShane’s post on BendDAO (above).
We talked about it last week, but this *particular* issue allowed CryptoPunks to creep even closer to regaining their number 1 spot.
Just think back to last December when Apes finally flipped Punks. So much has changed since then. In fact, the company that owns Bored Apes *also* owns CryptoPunks.
A lot can change in a year.
Pudgy Penguins They're Back
Danny Ukes’ Generative Avatar NFT Power Rankings: Week #3 • dGEN Network
In some regards though, a lot can *not* change in a year too. Yes, those pesky Penguins are surging again.
One of NFT’s most popular (albeit controversial) projects to date has had an unlikely redemption arc.
Pudgy Penguins, now run by the community and *not* its founders, sales were flying once again this weekend, with the announcement that they’re creating a plush and toy line based on their IP and *check notes* other stuff, I guess.
It’s a great comeback story and one that has caused a lot of conversation among the NFT community (again).
Are you all feeling that deja vu yet? If not, take a look at the power rankings from above for a *real* throwback.
Another Sniping Tool
Mizzle's NFT Tool Box: NFT Sensei • dGEN Network
Sending you off today with a great tool for sniping.
If you are feeling those vibes coming back…you are not alone. The resurgent Pudgy Penguins and CryptoPunks have me ready to start planning for the next cycle.
Mizzle has another edition of his NFT Tool Box to give you the necessary means to find those steals that will have everyone saying it’s “free” again.
It’s called NFT Sensei, and in addition to sniping deals, it can help with mints and much more. Give it a look and I’ll see you Wednesday.
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