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Moonbirds Mystics, DUST, and Memeland: The TLDRs

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GM. It’s still Biv. I hope you missed me this week.
If you didn’t or are asking, “who are you again?” I’ll reintroduce myself.
I handle the dGen newsletter, and starting today I’ll just be coming to your inbox only *once* per week. This means that moving forward, I’ll have a supercharged version of what you *might* have missed in NFTs this week.
So get those reading eyes ready. It’s game time…
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Future Proof Recap: Huge Plans Revealed • dGEN Network
Proof (owners of Moonbirds and Oddities) had a rough August. From Fanny Pack-gate to the CC0 controversy, holders were looking for any kind of win at the Future Proof conference in LA.
Luckily, they got a few this week at the event…as NFTBark goes over in his recap. He was there in person to give you all the specifics, in particular the ones on Moonbirds Mythics.
Essentially, Moonbirds Mythics will be “Moonbirds 2” that will be hatched from eggs and will have a circulation of 20K.
Here’s where the game theory comes in: you can burn an Oddities for an egg, or stake a Moonbird for an egg. then, at *random*, 25 Moonbirds will hatch a Mythic daily.
Pretty cool mechanics, huh? Proof might be back on track…
What is DUST Protocol?  • dGEN Network
Every influencer and person you know on Twitter is trying to the y00tlist. It’s all the rage and has now transcended the Solana ecosystem to become to the most popular thing in NFTs - full stop.
But what is it?
To understand it, you will have to have some knowledge of DeGods and DUST, both now big parts of the y00tlist and Solana in general.
NFTBark and Sugashane both have everything you need to know about them both and why you shouldn’t dismiss it as the shiny new object…it could very well be something more.
Bullish Thoughts on y00ts and DeGods NFTs • dGEN Network
Memeland: 9gag's New NFT Art Project is Worth All the Hype
This is a supercharged version of the newsletter today. If you are overwhelmed already, no shame in stopping here.
But I think you’ll want to read this too.
Have you been seeing Potatoz on your timeline too? They may be drowned out by the y00tlist acceptances, but they’re there…and they’re picking up steam.
(Call them baked potatoz)
Sugashane has all the information on the metaverse project and the company behind it - 9gag.
Ever heard of ‘em?! Oh, you haven’t? Do you even meme, bro?
See you next week.
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