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How To Stay "NFT Rich"

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Opportunities are still knocking…are you going to answer?
Today, I have some opportunities coming from some *unexpected* places.
It may seem like a bad idea, but why don’t you let them in and hear what they have to say?
Flipping Candy?
KINGSHIP is the first Bored Ape “band”. As part of their marketing efforts, they have teamed up with maybe the most iconic candy in history…M&Ms.
In a special edition release, you can now buy M&Ms that have Bored Apes on the candy shell.
If we learned anything over the last year it’s that *all* Bored Ape merch has resale value. Yes, even those bags from ApeFest can be sold on eBay for a premium…
I imagine these M&Ms will be no different. Plus, they’re deflationary because they have the built-in burn mechanism that they’re delicious 🚀
Staying Rich? In This Economy?
7 Ways to Stay NFT Rich • dGEN Network
Staying rich? Couldn’t be me…
However, with a new cycle impending, it would be nice to learn from my mistakes so next time I know better.
Luckily, Chamber is here to dispense some knowledge on the best way to keep your wealth (should you ever get it again)…including *NO DERIVATIVES*.
The best advice here is that when you’re bragging to friends and family…that is the time to sell.
I’ll do my best Chamber, but no guarantees.
Football SZN
Reignmakers NFL Football NFT Game | DraftKings
Football season is finally upon us, and fantasy football drafts have already begun (I had my first this weekend).
People who are into fantasy football, NFTs, and making money should look no further than DraftKings and their Reignmakers game.
In it, you try to create the best lineup each week just like your standard league. However, the twist is that in order to start a player, you also have to own their player card (which is also an NFT).
You can buy and sell player cards on the Reignmakers marketplace and use your knowledge to take advantage of weekly matchups.
It’s free to start and they’ll even give you a free pack if you use the promo code ‘DGEN’. Best of luck!
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