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Hold Tight for Upcoming Crypto Turbulence

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GM dGENs! Crazy times to be in Web3 and crypto, remember to “play” only with what you are not afraid to lose, and if you need to talk to someone reach out in Discord, our community is strong and we are all helping each other as a big family does.
But let’s dive into it: NFT and crypto tips for the next 7 days and a condensed version of everything that happened in the past week.

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Hot Projects in the War Room
A lot of allowlist possibilities in the war room these days, here are the latest 3:
dGEN Network X Odyssey
Mint date: TBA
Supply: 6000
Price: Free
Artist: World-renowned fashion designer and installation-artist Jack Irving teams up with Web3 creative studio Alma to create metaverse-ready digital twins of his forthcoming outdoor sculpture project ODYSSEY, the newest addition to the world-famous seafront Blackpool Illuminations.
dGEN Network X Soul Aether
Mint Price: TBD
Supply: 6699
Mint date: Working towards the end of Nov
Soul Æther is an alternate world in which two hidden cabals, Science and Magic, are locked in an eternal cold war. The only hope is a small group of alchemists who have harnessed the power of everlasting life through reincarnation.
dGEN Network X Capsule House - Still open
What is the Capsule House Card Collection? Open, pull, collect, and trade Capsule Cards! Capsule House Card Collection (CHCC) is an expansion of the Capsule House brand and IP into the realm of digital trading cards! CHCC is a collection of 400+ cards made by over 170 web3 native artists (including Superrare artists such as Seerlight, Kaejunni, XSullo, Diberkato, Chris Alliel, and more). All creating beautiful art based on the Capsule House IP and characters in an animated, 3D card format. The CHCC was built on the goals and values of giving a platform and fair pay to artists and giving collectors more ways fun ways to collect art.
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Top Crypto/NFT Tweets of the Week
If you are interested, reach out! It may be better to spend your time writing articles right now, rather than trading!
dGEN Network
Are you interested in writing about NFTs, crypto or any other web3 topics?

Is it ok if we pay you for it?

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As a community we always want to see the positive side of things, but we can’t deny that the general mood in crypto twitter is preparing for tough times.
Good news: CPI came in lower than expected

Less good news: It might not matter as we have rebranded from macro correlated asset to insolvency contagion asset

Altruism has never been so effective
But just to feel a bit better…
If you have survived

- BTC crash from $69k to $17k
- LUNA to $0 by Do kwon
- 3AC going from $18bln to $0
- Celsius and voyager bankrupt
- FTX and FTT Meltdown

You are an OG now.
Our Weekly Shows
Some of our contributors took a little break this week but the NFT Night Shift crew kept us up to date with the hottest topics and their daily trading strategies, check them out here!
NFT Royalties: Necessary or Not + FTX & Binance Feud
NFT Royalties: Necessary or Not + FTX & Binance Feud
y00ts FINALLY Reveal + Art Gobblers & NFT News
y00ts FINALLY Reveal + Art Gobblers & NFT News
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