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*Gets into character as an NFT marketer*
“I have some exciting news…but I can’t tell you yet.
OK, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone else.
Never mind, you can tell everyone. But when I tell you….oh, you’re going to freak. Seriously…your head might explode.
I’ll just come out and say it. Here it goes…OK. Are you ready?”
…and SCENE.
dGen Making Moves
Let’s be honest…Discords have gotten a bit unwieldy. We are a part of way too many channels, and once you’re inside, you’re bombarded with notifications.
*Hits ‘Mark As Read’ and moves on*
For that reason, dGen is excited to announce the dGENesis Token (get it?), which will give access to an *exclusive* token-gated community. It’s like your average Discord but with way more insight and way less clutter.
With the upcoming token, you’ll get all information, education, experiences, and networking you’ll need to take your NFT game to the next level.
Now, the important stuff:
  • Mint date is September 7, 2022
  • Supply is 1,250, with 1,000 sold (with 250 held for promotional purposes)
  • Mint price is 0.2 ETH
  • And if you want to pre-register for mint click here
With only that many spots, you can guarantee your voice will be heard. Plus, it’ll be quality > quantity.
We will keep you in the loop leading up to the big day and update you if there are any changes.
Just A Small Glimpse of the Alpha...
Moonbirds Chat + Unstoppable Domains - The Mint Condition: NFT Entertainment
Don’t worry. Even without the dGenesis Token, you’ll *still* have access to all the best podcasts dGen has to offer.
Check out The Mint Condition’s latest episode where they dive into the Moonbirds CC0 controversy we all can’t seem to stop talking about (Bunchu FWIW wore a Moonbirds hat the entire podcast; quite literally a “hat on a hat”).
Tornado Cash, Webaverse, and CC0oooooh - The NFT Night Shift
…or hop on over to NFT Night Shift where they talk Tornado Cash.
It may be illegal in the US to use Tornado Cash, but you can still talk about it on podcasts *I think* (if not they had a good run).
Subscribe to them, or watch the episodes for free on YouTube:
dGEN Network
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