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Are You An Ape or A Punk?

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Ape Vs. Punks is Back?
The never-ending debate rages on.
As price floors generally dip across all other ‘blue-chip’ NFTs, the extremely well-off have re-sparked the classic argument (if you can call it that after only 1 year)…is it Apes or is it Punks?
Both are obviously held in high regard…with generally CryptoPunks being touted as the “first” and Bored Apes being touted “best”. Where you fall in the Apes vs Punks argument really comes down to personal preference…
To be fair, both are now owned by Yuga and both will be considered *historic* regardless of where we go from here. But it can always be a fun discussion to have…as it says a lot about a person depending on which they choose.
Can you guess who wants what over on the NFT Night Shift? They talked about it on their latest episode and we get 5 different takes…
The NFT Night Shift: #Ape vs. #Punk and Thinning Out the "Blue Chips"
The NFT Night Shift: #Ape vs. #Punk and Thinning Out the "Blue Chips"
Arbitrum Making Moves
Andrew Saunders (andrewsaunders.eth)
It's official, I've left Amazon and am now @arbitrum's 1st CMO! The choice was easy:
-Best-In-Class Founders? ✅
-Best-In-Class Technology? ✅
-Best-In-Class Investors? ✅
-Best-In-Class Developers? ✅
-Best-In-Class Partners? ✅
-Best-In-Class Culture? ✅
Arbitrum, an L2 with big aspirations, announced yesterday that they would be hiring Andrew Saunders from Amazon as their *first* CMO.
It’s big news for DeFi but *could* also be big news for NFTs as there had already been some groundswell with Arbitrum NFTs this year…specifically on $MAGIC.
ITZMIZZLE wrote about it in his intro to Smol Brains. I’d expect that we’d see some new Arbitrum NFT projects popping up soon, with their new focus on marketing 👀
Smol Brains, Big Brain Alpha • dGEN Network
Hell's KitchenVerse
Animoca Brands
It's official: we're spicing up the Animoca Brands' #metaverse @TheSandboxGame with @HellsKitchenFOX! The award-winning reality show starring [email protected]MichelinGuideNA Star chef @GordonRamsay is opening its first-ever virtual restaurant and game experience 🌶️
This is certainly something random: everyone’s favorite bully and chef, Gordon Ramsay is joining the metaverse.
Yesterday, it was announced that his show “Hell’s Kitchen” would be partnering with Sandbox to bring his likeness (and a restaurant) to their game.
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