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Are DAOs Dead? + Interview with AJ Vaynerchuk

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Are DAOs Dead?
When I first heard about DAOs, I thought they were the *future* of businesses.
Now after seeing a few DAOs in action this year, I’ve cooled to their effectiveness much like Drucritt writes about in this article.
That doesn’t mean DAOs can be super powerful though…we’re just a few years away from it (maybe decades to be honest).
Drucritt asks, ‘what if the federal government was a DAO?’. I have a good one too…the NFL? Why couldn’t a sports organization be a DAO ran by the fans? If current sports fandom is any indication, they’d certainly be engaged, participating, and voting.
Food for thought.
DAOs: Overview on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
ENS Mania...Again
Bear or bull, one thing is *always* pumping…and that is ENS domains.
Yes, 4-digit ENS domains have likely flipped your favorite project (they currently sit at a 3 ETH floor price as I write this), despite your best attempts to fade them.
Even over on Solana, this is true. .SOL domains are a hot commodity (and yes, digits are doing well over there too).
Their staying powers are debated, and Sugashane dives into if these Web3 assets are more useful and potentially more *valuable* than traditional .COMs.
(Personally, I’m really excited about ENS, but wouldn’t go that far yet).
Are .SOL and .ETH the next .COMs?  • dGEN Network
Speaking of the NFL, have you checked out Football with Captain? This week the pod goes into fades and plays for Week 2.
Alpha Afternoons
And speaking of sports media…Alpha Afternoons had a super cool guest this week: AJ Vaynerchuk of Vayner Sports.
AJ Vaynerchuk:  Vayner Sports + The Future of Sports Media
AJ Vaynerchuk: Vayner Sports + The Future of Sports Media
Live Long and Circle
I continue to wonder: where would I be with Mizzle?
The NFT Tool Box gives me data and resources I didn’t even know I needed and this week’s edition is no different.
Meet ProsperCircle…an analytics platform that helps you maximize your NFT game (and hopefully your profits).
Spock’s signature tagline from Star Trek (“Live Long and Prosper”) applies here. If you can get a tool like ProsperCircle during the bad times, you’ll certainly win in the long run.
Mizzle’s NFT Tool Box: ProsperCircle • dGEN Network
The B-Love and Julzy Show
Maybe this will make me sound less nerdy? On B-Love and Julzy Show this week they had the creator of Bop-It, Dan Klitsner on the show. No? Don’t pretend like you weren’t addicted to Bop-It before NFTs.
Bopping with the Inventor of the BOP-IT: Dan Klitsner
Bopping with the Inventor of the BOP-IT: Dan Klitsner
The NFT Night Shift
Renga? In this economy? Apparently, yes…for some people. The project took off this week and The NFT Night Shift takes a deeper look at how this could happen in the current market.
Renga Kickstarts NFT Bull Market - EPISODE 50!!
Renga Kickstarts NFT Bull Market - EPISODE 50!!
The Mint Condition
Will Ethereum Dip Below $1000?!
Will Ethereum Dip Below $1000?!
On today’s show, will #Ethereum dips below $1000? How will it affect #NFTs? Will #y00ts ever reveal? Let’s get ready for week 3 of the NFL with #DraftKings #Reignmakers.
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