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0% Royalties: Yes, No, Maybe?

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We’re onto a new week in the NFT world.
My advice for the week? No fighting. No fighting. (Shakira, Shakira)
0% Royalties?
i think the creator royalty argument is actually a lot simpler than people make it out to be.

There is ZERO way to FORCE royalties technologically so creators will have to build a collector base that WANT to honor these royalties…. It’s really that simple. 🤷
We found some new discourse this weekend…revolving around the idea of 0% royalties.
The discussions arose from the launch of SudoSwap, a platform that *removes* creator fees in order to give the buyer better prices. Then, 8liens…a new NFT project…rose in the OpenSea rankings with 0% royalties of their own.
Artists from around the NFT space found the idea of 0% royalties to be dismissive of their work and their reasons for getting into NFTs in the first place.
For many, the royalties that would be served out in perpetuity (theoretically) were a big reason they chose to go into NFTs as opposed to more traditional routes of publishing their art.
Everyone from Beeple to Cobie got in on the discussion and it doesn’t seem like we’ve arrived at an answer yet (in fact, it may have just caused more arguing than anything).
My take? Perhaps it’s too simplistic, but let people do what they want. If an artist wants creator royalties? Go off! If someone else doesn’t want them? You do you.
My hope is that with or without the royalties discussion, the cream will rise to the top regardless.
Mizzle's NFT Toolbox #3: RareBoy • dGEN Network
We are in a market where opportunities are hard to come by. So why not give yourself different bites at the apple?
In Mizzle’s NFT Toolbox piece this week, he looks into Rareboy…a Chrome Extension that can help you find NFTs for sale that might offer you some *bonuses*.
For example, the tool will show you if the genesis NFT has an unclaimed airdrop attached to it.
It’s every NFT sniper’s dream to find the diamonds in the rough and maybe Rareboy helps with that (right now, Rareboy is only available for OpenSea though).
NFT Toolbox
A Million Followers for BAYC
The most popular NFT project has finally eclipsed 1 million followers on Twitter.
Yes, it took more than a year, but Bored Ape Yacht Club became the first (of hopefully many) to join the club for NFTs. It’s historic, if not inevitable that we would get here.
Oddly though, if you look at Web2 brands, you’ll find that 1 million is pretty *low*. The good news is that means there is still plenty of room to grow for BAYC and more.
We’re a *bit* of a way off from 1 million followers here at the dGen…but seeing as we’re still early, there’s still time. Just in case, don’t forget to go give us a follow on our Twitter, YouTube and Twitch channels!
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