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A Community Network for NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

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Is Alien Boy the Next NFT Project to Take Off?

This week Alien Boy released Roadmap 2.0, and it's no wonder the floor has doubled in the last week. The project, which led by one of the best programmers in the game, is poised to keep building alongside its top-level community. Check out the breakdown below…


NFT Projects Must Consider Mergers

With big brands like Budweiser, Nike, Adidas, and Pepsi coming to the NFT Space, we've been thinking about one way the current crop of NFT projects can survive - mergers. In today's article, see why we think it's time for NFT projects to consider combining fo…


NFT Project That Will Change Music Forever

There are very few NFT projects that immediately make you think, "that's a game changer." But Rhthm does just that, as it seeks to use Web3 technology to shake up the music industry. With funding from Jay-Z, Shawn Mendes, Dapper Labs, and Oaktree Capital, Rht…


Stop Nitpicking NBA Top Shot & BAYC DJ

Good morning, dGENs. We have two articles for you to kick off you week. First, one of our founders has a bone to pick with everyone throwing shade at NBA Top Shot. Then, we have an article about a new use of the Bored Ape Yacht Club IP rights. Enjoy!


Last Chance To Enter To Win 0.4 ETH From dGEN!

Hi y'all!We pinged everyone about this last week, but we wanted to give you one final chance to win the 0.4 ETH we're giving away!We’ve partnered with Creepy Creams, and each of the items linked below gets you one entry for 0.1 ETH (so 0.4 ETH total up for gr…


We're Giving Away 0.4 ETH! Tis the Season!

Happy Thursday, dGENs. We're doing a giveaway to help spread some holiday cheer!We've partnered with Creepy Creams to give away 0.4 ETH, with four people winning 0.1 ETH each. Each of the items below gets you one entry for 0.1 ETH:Retweet the Tweet about the …


Is this NFT Project About to Take Off?

Good morning, dGENs. As the NFT world prepares to descend upon Miami for Art Basel, we have some thoughts on one NFT project that could see a jump because of this week's events. See why we think the secondary tokens of this project could take off. Cheers!


Celebrity Artists Dropping NFTs

As more people discover the amazing technology of NFTs, we're seeing physical artists come over to the digital world. Today's newsletter has two artists who have caught the eye of celebrities around the world. Read about their upcoming drops this week!


NFTs for Good: NFT Project Helps Save Afghan Family

Let's start the week with some good news, shall we? NFTs don't always get the best reputation, so here's a story worth sharing. OnChain Monkey recently used part of their profits from the project to do some real good in the world. Check it out, and share it w…


Ballerz NFTs could be huge...plus BRAIN VOMIT!

Happy Sunday, dGENs. We have a couple articles for you to finish off the weekend. First we have a breakdown of why Ballerz, a PFP NFT project built on Flow, could be huge. Then we have a spotlight on Brain Vomit's Garden, an art project that has been taking o…


A Buyer’s Guide to NFTs on Solana and the Thanksgiving Pump

Good morning, dGENs. We hope all the Americans are still full from Thanksgiving, and to our international friends, you no longer have to hear us argue about food. This morning we have two articles for you. The first is a breakdown of how to buy on Solana. It'…


This NFT Project Has It All...

When evaluating NFT projects, different people look for different things. Some people like the assurance of a fully doxxed team. Others like projects with a DAO. Some people look for DeFi aspects like staking, and others want a fun breeding mechanic.What if I…


6 Best NFT Projects Under 0.2 ETH

As more people come into NFTs, lower entry points will be huge for new comers. Not everyone is going to be able to buy a Bored Ape. In that spirit, we've compiled a list of our favorite projects under 0.2 ETH which could take off as we see more NFT adoption. …


Finding the Next Six Figure NFT Project

Just one article for you today - a deep dive by one of our writers on some common treads with NFT projects that take off. Reading about the crossovers can help give you insight into the next big NFT project to go to the moon.


Tezos and Solana: How to trade NFTs on new platforms

Good morning! Today we have an educational piece which will be useful to almost anyone, no matter how much experience you have in NFTs. Do you know how to buy and trade NFTs on all the emerging marketplaces like Tezos, Solana, and others? We have an article t…


This NFT Artist is Taking Off

Happy Monday, dGENs! Let's start off the week with an artist - Vinnie Hanger - whose work has gone from a 0.3 ETH floor to a 1.5 ETH floor in a couple of weeks. Check out the writeup about his Letters project, which may still have some room to run. Then, we h…


Bored Ape Yacht Club Weekly Recap

Last week the NFT world descended upon New York for the first ever NFT Week. Bored Ape Yacht Club was a clear standout, but their extravagant parties weren't the only thing to happen in the world of Bored Apes. Check out the week that was in BAYC. Plus, we ha…


Harvard Professor on the NFT Bear Market

It's Monday, so we have three articles to keep you busy as you slide into the work week. Off the rip we have a breakdown from a Harvard Economics Professor on what happens in a NFT bear market. Then we have a spotlight on a new 3D art project, and an announce…


Weekly Bored Ape Yacht Club Recap

Happy Sunday! As you roll into the final day of the weekend, we have an article and a podcast episode for you. The first is a recap of everything that happened in Bored Ape Yacht Club this week...it was a big one. Then we the very first episode of Non Fungibl…


Are You Ready For NFT Donuts?

We have a couple articles for you to kick off your weekend. First, there's a writeup about Digital Donuts, a project with a solid team and a unique community. It's peeking the interesting of one of our writers. Plus, ya know...donuts. Then we have an article …