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Everything You'll Need in Web3 Next Week

Mintify is a VC-backed NFT multi-chain aggregator, analytics platform and trading terminal to deploy sophisticated NFT investment strategies. The platform caters to a new type of trader looking for better tooling to discover, trade, and manage their NFT portf…


Everything You Missed (this week) in Crypto and NFTs

Drops to Watch Today, Thursday November 17th 10 AM EST 1984 Redux 0.05Ξ/1,984 https://www.1984redux.com/ Allowlist runs for 3 hours. Public mint opens at 1 PM EST. 11 AM EST Marvel Digital Comics — Daredevil (1964) #102 6.99 GEMS/10,000 Veve App https://mediu…


Hold Tight for Upcoming Crypto Turbulence

A lot of allowlist possibilities in the war room these days, here are the latest 3:dGEN Network X OdysseyMint date: TBA Supply: 6000 Price: Free Twitter: https://twitter.com/almaXjackirving Artist: https://www.instagram.com/jackirvingstudio World-renowned fas…


Art Gobblers

Ethereum: 1H - Not a total nuke yesterday, but we did head toward the 1490 area. I'm watching how we react today. Bearish retest of the bounce yesterday and more downside. If we reclaim, we could head back toward 1600. I lean downside. Daily - Above cloud. Cl…


Apple's New NFT Rules + Bitcoin Blastoff?

Bitcoin: Bitcoin leads the way on a massive crypto market move this week. Do we see follow through? Do we retest $19,500? Bitcoin is currently sitting at $20,594. Ethereum: Ethereum had a great move on the ETH/USD chart which was aided by the ETH/BTC chart. T…


Networking in NFTs + Blur.io Airdrop

Bitcoin: Big Daddy Bitcoin is looking very heavy. Does it go up or does it go down? No one knows for sure. But if it does go down we could see a retest of support at $16,200 range. It always good to save some pennies for those big down moves. Ethereum: Much l…


SEC probing Yuga Labs + VeeFriends at Toys R Us

Our writers have been on top on their game this week, with deep dives into the Renga ecosystem, and into secret tools to be a more clever trader.


Hot NFT Projects + Crypto Price Action

What is the war room talking about these days and what is their take on the hot projects?Renga: Follow the money, if there's tons of price action and lots of non WETH offer buying, let your winners run. If it dries up, gtfo.Kitaro: The art caught everyone off…


Vinne Hager & Toby Lasso + Yes…Storytelling NFTs

GM.While *you* may think things are slowing for NFTs, me (an intellectual) has noticed some really big sales over the past few days.Coincidence?Probably. I’m actually not an intellectual at all. I just thought I’d try “faking it until I make it.”How am I doin…


Are DAOs Dead? + Interview with AJ Vaynerchuk

When I first heard about DAOs, I thought they were the *future* of businesses.Now after seeing a few DAOs in action this year, I've cooled to their effectiveness much like Drucritt writes about in this article.That doesn't mean DAOs can be super powerful thou…


The Ethereum Merge + Starbucks Odyssey NFT - EXCLUSIVE

The other big news in the NFT world came from an unlikely source…America’s largest coffee provider Starbucks.Yes, they too want in on NFTs and Web3, announcing their full plans for a standalone rewards program. With it, you’ll be able to trade and sell “journ…


The NFT Hall of Fame

GM.Did you miss me? (Please don't answer that).Either way, I'm back for another Friday where I *try* to catch you up with the biggest NFT news of the week.Cut me some slack though, as even I was *almost* too busy this week catching up on world news and settin…


Moonbirds Mystics, DUST, and Memeland: The TLDRs

GM. It's still Biv. I hope you missed me this week. If you didn't or are asking, "who are you again?" I'll reintroduce myself.I handle the dGen newsletter, and starting today I'll just be coming to your inbox only *once* per week. This means that moving forwa…


Flushed With Cash Friday

GM.What did you miss this week? Kind of a lot actually.Some are saying that NFTs are BACK...just like Pudgy Penguins.Let's jump into the recap courtesy of the dGen podcasts where they're telling you how to make money from NFTs this week...Call this "Flushed W…


How To Stay "NFT Rich"

GM.Opportunities are still knocking...are you going to answer?Today, I have some opportunities coming from some *unexpected* places. It may seem like a bad idea, but why don't you let them in and hear what they have to say?


Pudgy Penguins Are BACK

GM.New week, new me.Or is it? I found myself getting this feeling over the weekend...a feeling that we've been here before...And for that reason, I'm taking a walk down memory lane today. Call this "Memory Lane Monday".


The Great Ethereum Merge

GM.Happy Friday!We're onto the weekend but I have to send you into it with some *knowledge* so we all can say we accomplished something this week.


Are You An Ape or A Punk?

The never-ending debate rages on.As price floors generally dip across all other 'blue-chip' NFTs, the extremely well-off have re-sparked the classic argument (if you can call it that after only 1 year)...is it Apes or is it Punks?Both are obviously held in hi…


0% Royalties: Yes, No, Maybe?

GM.We're onto a new week in the NFT world.My advice for the week? No fighting. No fighting. (Shakira, Shakira)


Do You Want To Be A Real dGen?

GM.*Gets into character as an NFT marketer*"I have some exciting news...but I can't tell you yet.OK, I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone else.Never mind, you can tell everyone. But when I tell you....oh, you're going to freak. Seriously.…